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Information for Virginia “Ginger” Viola’s funeral service can be found here.

My Mother, Ginger Viola, dreamed of using her creativity to support animals in need. No animal sparked her creativity and desire more than Hammie.


Hammie was a brother to me. He was a pot-belly pig that I had the privilege of belly-rubbing as my companion for 12 amazing years. He was my best friend and was often introduced by my Mother before me when she was making new friendships.

Hammie was a special creature that brought joy to hundreds of people.

Hammie had friends, a lot of them. I grew up with a huge family of animal companions.

My Mother and Father rescued dozens of cats, rabbits, dogs, prairie dogs, and more. They nursed many of them from dire conditions and they taught me how to make sure our friends that can’t speak can be happy and healthy.

My friends and the children my Mother cared for in her work gathered yearly to celebrate Hammie’s birthday. Every birthday had different theme.

My Mother expressed her unique creativity by designing games that starred Hammie and by dressing him up in thematic costumes.

Hammie the pig dressed in a bunny mask

My Mother and Hammie gave so much joy and inspiration to us all.

Ginger's Work

Ginger was a Daycare Center Director and an Assistant of Children with Special Needs. She was caretaker and teacher for hundreds of toddlers and infants, but she strived to help even more by creating children’s books starring Hammie.

Ginger worked at Michael’s Arts and Crafts for a decade and a half where she woke up excited everyday to assist shoppers with their crafting projects. She was Customer Experience Manager and worked harder than anyone I’ve ever met in order to provide a safe, fun work environment and an exemplary experience for patrons. At Michael’s, she organized and ran classroom sessions for children and adults to be creative through crafting.

She sold hand-made, one of a kind jewelry at craft fairs and donated much of the proceeds to her favorite animal rescue organizations. She had created many bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in preparation for an online store, and had been gearing up to make hundreds more when she fell ill and passed away.

Handmade beaded bracelets by Ginger

I love my Mother so much and am extremely grateful to have learned from her strength, resiliency, passion, creativity, humor, and kindness.

She passed away just days ago after fighting an aggressive and sudden cancer.

I’m distraught that the world is now without her. But she carries on her good work through everyone she taught and loved.

Our fund

Today, I start making her dreams come true. I will ensure her love and creativity continues to touch the hearts of animals and families across the world.

Hammie & Friends celebrates Ginger, Hammie, and all of my animal sisters and brothers I grew up with.

We celebrate and support the special bond between families and their animal companions.

Our main goal is to facilitate and fund the rescuing and finding of forever homes for displaced and abused animals.

Our secondary goal is to empower you to achieve your dreams and inspire philanthropy within you.

We will memorialize Ginger Viola, Hammie, and all of his friends.

Our plan

Our plan for the money in the fund is to:

  • Donate to high impact and groundbreaking animal rescue organizations
  • Create and sell unique accessories for you and your companions.
  • Foster creativity for both children and grown-ups
  • Celebrate Ginger's photography and life

We are just starting our work and invite you to join us.

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Lets save some animals,

Joe Viola

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Iris photo by Kevin CASTEL all others from family archives.